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6uo Games asserts that every individual is a stakeholder in the internet, regardless of whether they are a tech company owner, a content provider, paying user, or simply a user who spends time online.

Our Ecosystem

Our services offer a comprehensive experience, simplifying web3 mastery and unlocking more possibilities for users.

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6uo App

Experience the power of the 6uo ecosystem - your gateway to effortless virtual asset management and discovery of the most innovative decentralized projects.

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6uo GamePlace

Owning a game has never been more satisfying! With GamePlace, you can finally collect or trade games just like in the good old days of CD-ROM console gaming. Take control of your gaming experience and truly become the owner of the game.

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6uo Partner

Partner with 6uo to gain an advantage. The 6uo ecosystem is a community-driven market. By having a very low churn rate, it can create more lifetime value. Let your users truly enjoy your game!

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6uo Foundation

The 6uo Foundation is a dynamic forum for everyone to join in conversations and comprehend the forward momentum of the 6uo ecosystem. It's an inclusive platform where diverse perspectives come together to understand and influence the path we're taking.

Our Founders

Portrait of Simon

Simon Lo

Co-founder & CEO

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Chung Man Cheng

Co-founder & CTO

Working at 6uo Games

At 6uo Games, we're not just a company, we're a community. Join us to work with talented people, share your creative ideas, and grow in a supportive environment. Together, let's create amazing gaming experiences!

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